We offer programming tracks for every level during our classes, and each class with more than 12 people has 2 coaches on the floor to ensure everyone gets the individual attention they need.



Monday- Friday
9:30am, 6:00pm
(Early start for extra technique work)

5:30pm Core Class

5:30pm Mobility



M-F 9-11am & 4:30-7pm
M-W-F 12am-1:30pm
Saturday 9:30-11



(both tracks available within regular class times)

A track specifically designed to help improve athletic performance and push your limits
This track is scalable for all levels.

This track is designed for those who have decided they would like to compete
in the sport of CrossFit.  
In this program you will find emphasis on development of skills and strengths common to the sport of fitness. 

(We recommend this track for individuals with 2+ years of experience in CrossFit.)

Core Foundations


“Caroline’s core foundation class had a huge impact on me! I was fortunate not to have had pregnancy related body issues so I was not sure  how much I would relate to the class at first. I quickly realized that the techniques I learned helped so much in my daily life and in my workouts.  Specifically, I learned how to stand with proper posture allowing me to stand for long periods without my back hurting.  As for my workouts, it is amazing how much more power I’m able to pull from my core now. I’m extremely grateful to Caroline for taking her time to teach us. I recommend every women take this class.”




We know how important it is to not only get strong, but to remain mobile as we age and increase the load on the bar during classes. This 30 minute class not only focuses on working your mobility, but we also strive to give you the knowledge you need to work on your own weaknesses throughout the week.