Kaitlyn Kromer

CrossFit Level 1
CPR/AED First Aid Certified

Kaitlyn is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and studies nursing at OSU-OKC. Growing up, she played many sports but her main focus was on softball. She started playing competitvely at a young age and furthered her career in college. Kaitlyn has a heart of gold and a very caring spirit. She is driven and hardworking and loves to take on challenges. She has worked out in a numerous of gyms and has followed many strength and conditioning programs to help improve her performance in softball, but has never quite felt satisfied. 

In August of 2015, she started Crossfit. She felt a tad bit intimidated and didn't really know what to expect... but quickly realized the community was a lot like the softball community. She was immediately drawn to the competitiveness the sport offered, the challenge with each movement, the camaraderie, and all of the encouragement shown by each member. And since that day, she has never looked back. 

She is passionate about encouraging and helping others accomplish their goal(s), just like others have helped her along the way to accomplish hers. Kaitlyn also loves to work with kids and younger athletes. She has worked with younger kids/athletes including softball camps, speed and agility programs, and Mother's Day Out. 

"It is my goal to inspire others and to push them past what they THINK they are capable of. Throughout our lives the people whom we have encountered have influenced us, or had a certain impact on our lives. And the lives I touch, I want them to say, "Because of her, I didn't give up.". I want them to feel strong and confident knowing that whatever curve balls life throws at them, they can tackle whatever comes their way."


"Coaching gives one a chance to be successful as well as significant. The difference between those two is that when you die, your success comes to an end. When you are significant, you continue to help others be successful long after you are gone. Significance lasts many lifetimes. That is why people teach, why people lead, and why people coach."

- From the book Wins, Losses, and Lessons by Lou Holtz