Shannon Hauck


Bachelors of Science in Education; Special Education Severe/Profound Multiple Disabilities (SPED MD).
Certified in Special Education for:  ID/LD, ED, Hearing Impaired, Blind, ABLLS, Early Childhood Ed, Elementary Ed, Secondary Ed, ABA Therapist, English Language Learners (Spanish, English, Limited Arabic)
Certified Employer for Department of Human Services (DHS):
Certified MAT-Medication Technician Administer
Certified CPR/AED/First Aid
Certified Medical Laboratory Technician



Shannon’s love for movement started very early in life as she wow’d her parents and walked at just 8 months.

She hasn’t looked back since! Shannon played competitive sports throughout high school and college to

include, basketball, softball, swimming and track.

Never afraid to jump in the deep end of the pool, Shannon attacked life with all she had in her and aggressively

pursued her love for teaching. She graduated the University of Central Oklahoma with honors and continued to

educate herself as she saw the need as she gained experience teaching. Shannon is certified in just about

everything you can be in hopes to provide the best possible service to her students at Willowbrook

Elementary and CrossFit Sintered.

In her off time she loves to spend quality time with her little “family.”
“My Son Blue (therapy dog at times), My two Daughter’s, Brownie (she is a hot mess of a sweet dog) and my Tulip aka my Tuli Bug! She is a Scottish Fold Cat and a Princess, trust me-she knows it!”

Shannon’s story hasn’t always been sunshine and success, she has been through the darkest parts of life and knows that you cannot give up and let the enemy win. Her mental determination and bright spirit make her a shining light in her children’s lives as she deals with some who have been through life’s darkest moments as well.

“When we start to talk about kids-the possibilities and concepts are endless! We have the opportunity to teach them to learn about themselves, love themselves, understand themselves, all while giving them the mechanics to succeed on a physical and mental playing field. Having the opportunity to implement education intertwined with fitness in these yearning to learn little brains and bodies is in itself a miracle in the making. Putting in place a Kinesthetic environment to nurture these children is the prime set up to success in not just fitness, but all areas of life.”