Ryan Essex


Ryan Essex


B.S. in Biochemistry
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
CrossFit Mobility Trainer
Advanced Tactical Practitioner
Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider
Emergency Medical Technician

A cross country runner and tennis player in high school, Ryan Essex’ real fitness story began in college where he became an avid rock climber and later, a gym rat.  While in college at Oklahoma State Ryan enlisted in the Army National Guard as a combat medic, then went on to receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry in 2012.  That same year, Ryan was introduced to CrossFit on the advice that it would be good preparation for the Army’s grueling Special Forces Assessment and Selection.  

After some further research, he came across CrossFit’s Foundational Articles and fell in love with the rational, scientific approach to fitness long before he ever did his first WOD.  He knows firsthand of CrossFit’s ability to prepare you for the unknown and unknowable and he credits a great deal of his success at Assessment and Selection to his CrossFit training.  After being selected, Ryan went on to graduate with honors from one of the military’s most physically and mentally challenging schools, the Special Operations Combat Medic course in Ft. Bragg, NC.  

Returning to Oklahoma in 2014 Ryan finally had time to pursue his real passion and obtain his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification and shortly after, his CrossFit Mobility Trainer certification.  His long time interest in biochemistry, biomechanics, anatomy, and physiology and his wealth of training in those fields help him to teach others how to achieve higher levels of functional fitness than they ever thought possible.  Ryan is currently attending medical school at Oklahoma State College of Osteopathic Medicine.